The insight platform built to automate preventive care.

Unlock your preventive care with continuity and automation.

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Platform built for preventive care

Insighthx provides an end-to-end platform for clinicians dedicated to improving their preventive care programs. TurmericTM is a HIPAA compliant suite of software products that gives a holistic view of your roster, highlights the outstanding patients for preventive care, and suggests actionable items for your health team.

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Compatible with your EMR/EHR, ready to use and intuitive

Augment your existing clinical workflows without having to overburden your admin team. TurmericTM securely integrates with your certified EMR and extracts what it takes to deliver preventive care.

  • Easy
  • Seamless
  • Accurate
  • Automatic
  • Secure
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Why Choose InsightHX

Actionable Insight

Give your health team the insight and recommended actions that they need to deliver quality preventive care.

Enhanced Intake

Send out personalized automated communications to those who need to be prioritized for preventive care.

Care Surveys

Automatically update a patient's health record by asking them about their screening, vaccination or pre-existing medical status.

Coordinated Care

Offload the doctors from tedious admin work and empower the health admins to boost your clinic's efficiency.

Automated Reminders

Unleash the power of you EMR data. Get a second pair of eyes to ensure no one misses a preventive care event just because their doctor is too busy.

Optimized Revenue

Amplify your preventive practice by visualizing your revenue potential while improving patient outcomes.

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